How to Help

Apply to be a Mentor

If you are interested in being a mentor, you can fill out an application below.


LaunchMorrisville offers grants to eligible graduates, which can help to cover start up costs such as website hosting, equipment, and marketing. You can donate to help fund out efforts to build entrepreneurs within our local community. Thank you for your consideration!


We have mentors to fill a very specific support need. Business mentoring is different from management consulting or even business coaching. It assumes that the business owner in need of mentorship already possesses the basic technical skills that are needed to make their business a success. The mentor is to focus on business perspective, guidance, personal development, and other like soft skills. The business owner seeking mentorship benefits by receiving:

  • Advice, counsel, encouragement, and accountability
  • A confidential sounding board, thinking room, and support for working through crucial and often complicated decisions
  • Networking contacts
  • Political and cultural know-how
  • Ongoing personal support and encouragement -Leadership and guidance when needed

If this sounds like something that you would want to provide, please apply above or call (919) 463-7150